Designs by Ricki - Feng Shui Keychains

Feng Shui Bracelets and Key Chains

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Create Your Perfect Balance and Most Beneficial Chi

Every day is a lucky day when you use a Feng Shui Key Chain or Bracelet

In Feng Shui, five elements are used to create the most beneficial chi (energy) for the environment or person.

Each key chain or bracelet is designed to include all the colors that represent the 5 elements and their energetic qualities, which adds to maintaining balance, harmony and vitality.

Elements and their qualities:

  • Red represents fire, with the energetic quality of action and love.
  • Yellow/Orange represents earth and aids in mental clarity.
  • Green represents wood and is healing and calming.
  • Blue represents water and is grounding and aids in repose.
  • Gold and silver represent metal and promotes creativity.

The Chinese coin is an ancient symbol that possesses the power to draw good fortune and represents wealth, prosperity and good luck. The round shape of the coin symbolizes heaven and the internal square represents earth. The coins have been strung with red beads, which is considered the most auspicious of all colors in China.

Semi-precious stones are used in the key chains and bracelets, such as Amethyst for healing, Jade for good luck, Peridot for prosperity, and Quartz Crystal, which radiates energy. The rest of the key chain is made up of beautiful, hand made glass beads from India, sterling silver and lead free pewter.

Each key chain or bracelet purchased will include a card that explains exactly what makes it Feng Shui.