Designs by Ricki - Embrace Your Magical Child

Embrace Your Magical Child

When I sit down to design my jewelry, my "Magical Child" canít wait to start playing with all those beautiful, sparkly beads. I love immersing myself in all the vibrant and shimmering colors. I start to feel very curious. What would happen if I put this stone with that pearl? What would it look like if I combined these two colors together? There is no right or wrong, itís just whatever pleases my eye, my soul, my Magical Child. Sometimes it takes a while before a design emerges. Sometimes I just know exactly what will work. When Iím in that place, it truly is magical. Time flies by and I feel the pure joy of creating beauty.

Magical Child CD Cover

If youíd like to find out more about meeting your own "Magical Child" , check out the Magical Child CD ("Becoming Your True Self") on my LifeWorks Coaching website.

The Magical Child is our true self, who we were before all the negative conditioning that was layered on us by our parents, teachers and society. It is full of wonder and curiosity and believes that all things are possible. The Magical Child is the key to expansive thinking, self-love, curiosity, innovation, playfulness, imagination, manifesting and creativity.