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Venetian glass beads are some of the most beautiful beads in the world. It’s been so exciting to work with such unusual and highly stylish glass beads—it’s fired up my creative juices. While the pictures below will give you a sense of the overall design of each necklace, they just can’t capture the gorgeous colors and the beauty of these incredible beads.

Venetian beads begin with Effetre Moretti™ glass canes, which are produced on the island of Murano, Italy, a small island in the Venetian Lagoon, renowned since 1292 as the preeminent center for glass blowing. Each Murano bead is lovingly handmade one by one by bead makers sitting behind a torch with a mandrel in one hand and a cane of glass in the other. The Venetian maestros are known for their innovation and technical mastery throughout the art glass world.

Each necklace can be made longer or shorter to fit your needs. Just let me know the length you want and I will let you know the cost.

To order, please contact me at 707-588-7442 or email me

Turquoise Heart Bracelet

Catalog #: MN10B

Product Name: Turquoise Heart

Hand blown Venetian glass heart with gold and silver foil, Chalcedony beads, Sterling Silver, Vermeil heshi beads and gold plated lead-free pewter clasp. Approximately 17" long including clasp. A real favorite of my customers.

Price: $ 85.00

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Simple Elegance Bracelet

Catalog #: MN12

Product Name: Simple Elegance

Black oval with gold and silver splashes, Swarovski crystal, Sterling silver and vermeil spacers, and silver plated lead free pewter clasp. 19-1/2" including clasp.

Price: $ 85.00

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Amethyst Swirl Bracelet

Catalog #: MN15

Product Name: Amethyst Swirl

Hand blown Venetian glass clear disk strung on Italian wire mesh, Sterling Silver beads and silver plated lead-free pewter clasp. Approximately 17" long including clasp

Price: $ 65.00

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Art Deco Amber Bracelet

Catalog #: MN9

Product Name: Art Deco Amber

Very unusual hand blown Amber foil "banana" tubes and Amber ball with black splashes, strung with jet Swarovski crystals, Black Onyx rondelles and gold plated lead free pewter. 16-1/2" long including clasp

Price: $ 90.00

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Amber Twist Bracelet

Catalog #: MN5

Product Name: Amber Twist

Beautiful, unique hand blown Amber Venetian foil glass twist, strung with facetted multi-colored garnet, Vermeil heshi beads and gold plated lead free pewter. 17" long including clasp

Price: $ 95.00

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Amber Swirl Bracelet

Catalog #: MN1B

Product Name: Amber Swirl

Striking hand blown Amber Venetian foil glass disk, with Jet Swarovski crystal, Black Onyx and Sterling plated lead free pewter. 17-1/2" long including clasp.

Price: $ 95.00

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